Pack your skateboard and join the ultimate Stickman Skate Battle multiplayer experience. Battle with your friends and all people around the world in 1vs1 matches in astonishing, beautiful, hand designed skate parks. Perform spectacular tricks and combinations trying to beat your opponent to get his coins and get a chance to participate in the best high stake world events.
Weekly tournaments, Free Ride, 1vs1 matches, challenges and domination are just few of the awesome features waiting for you right now.
Fluid fast paced skating in well designed, hand crafted environments running at 60 FPS on all devices.

Game Modes

• 1vs1 high score battle, who performs the best tricks and gets the most points in one minute
• 1vs1 domination battle. Colorize all obstacles like ramps, rails, etc.. by performing the best tricks on them. Player owning the most obstacles wins
• Training mode. Train you skills whenever you want
• Tutorial. Learn the basics
• Weekly tournaments for all events


• Realtime multiplayer
• 8 beautiful designed and hand crafted levels
• Various different skilled characters including Stickman, Yellow, Baggy and Girls.
• Various skateboards with different abilities including Danger, Natural, Arrow and Hoverboard.
• 9 events to battle against all players around the world
• 15 spectacular tricks to perform
• Full controller support
• Leaderboards, Player invitation, Friend Challenges, Revenges

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